About The Artist

I am Virginia Arias JewelerSoul, venezuelan artist and jewelry designer established in Valencia (Spain) since 2006. I studied Fine Arts, specializing in Artistic Jewelry at “Escuela de Arte Superior de Diseño de Valencia” (EASD) and graduated in 2011, the same year I complemented my silversmith education with a contemporary Jewelry Course at University for the Creative Arts at Rochester, UK. My work is inspired by nature and geometric shapes. As an observer, I am fascinated by the harmony and ever-changing interaction in nature. I love plants and flowers, they are spectacular especially when you look at them closely… For me, nature will always be the greatest designer, she offers the most amazing and beautiful creations to admire and enjoy.

Jewelersoul mostly works with metals to reflect the images inspired by nature’s forms and colors. In the process of making my work, I combine metals to represent its characteristics and texture as much as possible. I mostly use silver for my works, enamels and stones. In each piece I put a lot of my heart in it, behind every piece there is a desire, something to fulfill. Even if the eyes can’t see it, to me, it is there.

I will be happy to hear comments and suggestions – I am always open to new ideas. If there is something that you want in a different color or in a similar models, do not hesitate to ask and I will try to create it for you.

To know more about my work, have a look at this page: www.jewelersoul.com/jewelry-box/